Creative Blogger Award!

Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A., and awesome blogger has nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award.

Thank you, Roy! I am honored. Back in 2009, having answered for the 13th or 67th time what “5 things do most people not know about you” (until I was pretty sure there wasn’t a single mystery left, if ever there’d been one), and blogging “7 things you wish people knew about you” (until I kind of wished I’d held something back and was haunted by visions of readers moaning, “No, please, we know more than we ever wanted to know about you! Really! Just shut up and give us the quiz!”) I formally stopped accepting blog awards. “No, please, not another award… I couldn’t possibly…” was simply code for, “I can’t think of anything new to write, here, or anyone to nominate who hasn’t already beat me in running for the hills.” Blog awards had become ubiquitous and slightly terrifying to us all.

Six years later, I see this resurgence in blog awards – and it isn’t a terrible thing at all. It is more of a “Welcome (back) to the community.” It feels a little silly and a lot nice, and I am happy to accept, and happy that Roy chose to nominate me. If you are not already a Roy Ackerman fan, run over there and subscribe to his blog, Cerebrations. He writes about science, healthcare technology, taxes, business and the economy, the brain, energy, water, and occasionally throws in an opinion on current events – in other words, he’s kind of a kindred spirit. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy his writing.

Creative Blogger Award

Naturally, there are rules to accepting the Creative Blogger Award:

  1. Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you. (You gotta be told this? Didn’t your mama teach you manners? 🙂 Do not stick your nose in the air and say, “Thanks, but I don’t do blog awards” – you do blog awards, or at least make yourself a nice little page somewhere, smack this graphic on it, say “thank you,” and be happy someone out there likes you.)
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers. (You say you’ve done this a gazillion times already and you’re not going to do it again because you can’t think of anything new to write? It’s called the “Creative Blogger Award” for a reason. Get creative.)
  3. Nominate 10-20 blogs and notify them. (Starts counting on fingers and toes the number of bloggers who are still active and might be heeding the advice in #1… Eeek!)
  4. Pass on the rules. (First time I read this, I thought it meant, “The rules are optional, you rebel, you!” and rejoiced. I think it means “Make sure your nominees are aware of the rules and follow them.” Whatever. Customize your own parentheticals. Steal mine, and we’re all gonna look like a bunch of weirdos. I do recommend one change or addition: NOTIFY your nominees. Pretty to think they’ll all read your post, but better to email or IM them, just in case!)

Five facts about myself:

  1. I’ve been married to the same wonderful man for 31 years. Choosing him to spend my life with was the best decision I’ve ever made.
  2. I have loved to write since about fifth grade. I didn’t even consider writing children’s books until I wrote Trockle for my son. You should probably be a little careful shopping on my Amazon page, because the audience for A New Leaf for Lyle is a little different from the audience for Innocents and Demons.
  3. Despite being a klutz, climbing trees, ice skating on a lake, and riding horses as a kid, I managed to make it to 50 before I broke a bone. Now I’ve managed to break two. Fortunately, my bones are strong and I’m healthy, so they heal up fast. As fast as any bones… which is to say, maddeningly slow, but it’s not a crisis of mythic proportions.
  4. My favorite food is lamb, and my favorite dessert is just about anything with chocolate. That said, I don’t think I’d enjoy any food if it were the only food I could ever eat again. Except maybe pineapple. Because that might imply I was stuck on a tropical island.
  5. I’m not a natural redhead, but I have enough of it in my DNA that people who’ve known me for years think auburn is my natural color and I just stopped dying my hair blonde. I keep expecting gray roots, but no – they keep coming back blonde. I’m convinced redheads have more fun.

Nominate a whole buncha bloggers for the award! (The fun part!)

  • Marian Allen, Author Lady (Marian has been creatively re-inventing me on the planet of Llannonn for years, now, so she deserves top billing on my nominations today!)
  • Ramana Rajgopaul – Ramana’s Musings (Ramana’s musings often turn into conversations in the comments, so be sure to read those, too!)
  • Patricia Stoltey, Author (and you should really read some of her books, too!)
  • Mitch MitchellI’m Just Sharing (extra creative blogger pointals if he manages to accept this award on both the YouTube channel and the blog! Or maybe his other blog I didn’t know about until now…Syracuse Wiki!)
  • Rasheed Hooda – Make a Life, AND a Living (I first met Rasheed when he was making balloon animals – and swords – at my local CiCi’s Pizza. Then he turned up in a photo on my friend Mitch Mitchell’s blog. Lately, I’ve learned he has an interest in photography, and is a natural storyteller who’s been sitting on some promising children’s book manuscripts for years… Pretty creative, I’d say!)
  • Peter Wright, Contrarian Thinker & Speaker (My favorite conservative blogger! I appreciate Peter’s perspectives, and I can understand where he’s coming from, even when I disagree with where he goes – and I don’t always disagree. That’s a step towards a meeting of the minds, and if more people were as thoughtful, respectful, and civil as Peter is, the world would be a better place for it.)
  • Vivian ZabelBrain Cells & Bubble Wrap (Be sure to check out 4RV Publishing, too – this woman’s just full of and surrounded by creativity!)
  • Maryann MillerMaryann Writes (Maryann is a fun person to know – she’s got a surprisingly naughty sense of humor, sometimes!)

You might wonder about the next three – at first glance, these blogs may appear to be part of the once vibrant, now abandoned wasteland of the Internet. Or examples of “I kind of think I want a blog, but I’m not quite sure why…” But I know these women to be delightful, creative writers who maybe just need a little nudge, some gentle arm-twisting, and maybe offerings of dark chocolate to entice them into sharing more on their blogs:

  • Mia Pleasant – Who’s Rooster is This? (Mia needs readers. I first met Mia on, for heaven’s sake, where she was a moderator. The woman can write. Now, if we could just get her to share more of it…)
  • Cairn Rodrigues – The Light Stealers Song (Cairn appears to have dropped out of blogging. I know better; like many of us, she’s had a bad slump and she’s succumbed to the bright lights of Twitter and the easy lure of Facebook. Let’s all go ring her doorbell and encourage her to at least post links to her Fiction Frenzy vlogs, photos of her creative home renovations, and funny stories for us.)
  • Ijeoma Oluo – Her Honest Life (Ijeoma has a name that’s slightly harder to pronounce than “Jahangiri” – though not really – and she writes some pretty powerful stuff. She’s also wickedly funny and honest – two qualities I admire greatly. Like Cairn, she hasn’t been keeping her own blog up to date, and that might lead you to think she’s not very writerly, but you’d be wrong. You can find Ijeoma’s stuff here and on Facebook.)

Now, go forth and read – and nudge. And tell ’em I sent you.

Thanks again, Roy!


Holly Jahangiri is the author of Trockle; A Puppy, Not a Guppy; Innocents & Demons; and A New Leaf for Lyle. You can find her books on Amazon at For more information on her children's books, please visit
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26 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award!”

  1. Congratulations! Amazing, I did know all those things about you, but then I have been rather involved in your life for a very long time!

  2. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on to me. I do wonder about what you said about my naughty sense of humor. You don’t think old lady’s can be naughty? LOL Some of the jokes I post on my blog are a little racy, but you have to admit they are funny. I will try to fulfill my part of the nomination as soon as I can. Heading into an incredibly busy three weeks.

    1. It’s one of the things I love about you, Maryann – but it surprised me when I first realized it.

      My mom’s mom loved mysteries and her tolerance for bad language, violent imagery, sex, and humor knew few bounds. My dad’s mom wouldn’t read anything racier than Lake Woebegone. I raided both their libraries and loved them both. But you can guess which one I had more fun with! I think it was my mom’s mom whose books taught me about genre – my first introduction to the concept was the trashy paperback romances she and my mom left lying around, and they enjoyed what I took to calling “those ‘woman running away from the house’ books.” It was a few years before I learned the term “gothic romance.” I still like my name for them best, though. 🙂

    1. It’s always the TINY ones that trip us up! (And thank goodness. Breaking the really big ones sounds kind of terrifying, painful, and really REALLY slow to heal.) Was yours the cuboid bone, too? Funny thing about that – I twisted my ankle last summer and thought I might’ve sprained it or broken that stupid little bone again. I was getting on an airplane, and J.J. asked if we needed to get off and go to the ER. I figured ER could wait till we got home a few hours later. When we got off the plane, the last bit of pain from the broken cuboid bone was GONE. I’m guessing there was a tendon or nerve stuck where it shouldn’t have been, and the twisting jarred it loose. I didn’t even have a sprain! Amazing!

      1. My break was the fifth metatarsal closer to the ankle than the toe — I apparently had a stress fracture from rolling my ankle but that original visit to the doc didn’t show anything on the Xray. I was halfway from one concourse to another at O’Hare airport when all of a sudden I couldn’t hardly walk. When I got to Denver, I had to request a wheelchair. That tiny little break kept me off my feet three months.
        Patricia Stoltey recently posted…Make of it what you will: In defense of challenging the reader in Red Lightning … by Laura PritchettMy Profile

      2. Oh, ow!! I know that I’m very fortunate that both breaks have been the kind that would tolerate some level of weight bearing. It would be SO frustrating to have to stay off my feet for so long. I think the top of my foot must be weirdly oversensitive, though – it’s one of the reasons I hate shoes. I think I’d actually like the support of the boot if not for that. The nerves that run there are not happy with any pressure on them whatsoever. I need to retire to a beachfront place where I can just ditch shoes, some day.

  3. First, you ain’t nothing but trouble! lol

    Second, I did it, but it doesn’t go live until Sunday. So you’ll have to wait until then to see what I had to say about you… I feel the tension rising…

    I guess now I have to go check out some of the folks you mentioned above because it’s the nice thing to do, and I’m supposedly nice… supposedly that is…
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…6 Answers To Questions From New BloggersMy Profile

  4. I am touched and am truly grateful Holly. I must however decline the award because while I can easily obey the rules about five facts and thanking you for nominating me, nominating ten to twenty bloggers will be extremely difficult for me.

    I hope that you understand and forgive me my inability.
    Rummuser recently posted…Being Seduced.My Profile

    1. No, no, no – really, Ramana? I didn’t figure you for a stickler for the rules. (How about 5?) How many are in the LBC? How many comment on your blog on a regular basis? They strike me as pretty creative sorts. I didn’t name them here because I didn’t want to steal all your prospective candidates… 😉

      Seriously, I always feel this way about the nominations. First, I worry about the word “creative” and does it apply to business bloggers (in some cases, it definitely does – and in some cases, I know they have secret little blogs where they let down their hair and show off their creative side). Then, I worry about the numbers. OMG, 10-20?? Back in 2009, I only had to name 5! (I often overshot the mark, anyway, once I got to thinking about it.) Then, “What if I miss someone?” And then I realized that if some of my blogging buddies didn’t MISS a few, the rest of us would be completely STUMPED for who to nominate, because we tend to travel in the same circles! (This is how we end up getting several of the same award – but seriously, do actors turn down their fifth Academy Award? Or their fifth Fifth Grade Drama Award, for that matter? ;)) LOL So I’ll tell you what I told Mitch, if you’ve really run out of blogs to read and cannot come up with 10-20, you go to my “recommended” drop-down menu up there at the top of the page and browse. Bunch of creative folks in there.
      HollyJahangiri recently posted…Boundaries: Trust and PrivacyMy Profile

  5. Congrats!!! I love the way you write. You’re hilarious!
    I’ve always thought if I couldn’t think of anymore to tell people about myself, I could make stuff up. It’s a game my hubby and I play, actually. LOTS of fun. 🙂

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