A More Positive Perspective

New Decade, New Adventures!

I’m Confused by Facebook’s “Fact Checkers”

I do appreciate friends who keep me honest on those rare occasions when I post utter rubbish on Facebook. It happens to us all, sometimes, assuming we’re breathing. This wasn’t one of those times.

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

I was invited – tagged by Ming Qian of Ming Writes to travel back in time and share some blogging memories. Who here is up for a game of #BloggingNostalgiaTag? You? Great! You’re IT!

So Tolls the Bell on 2020

Just four more days to keep last year’s resolution.

We Are All Essential

The media does no one any favors by asking, “Who is essential?” The correct term is “essential worker” – not “essential person.” Essential workers are the people who take care of the rest of us – who allow us to not go out there and risk close exposure to a deadly pathogen.

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