A More Positive Perspective

New Decade, New Adventures!

Movement: Mind and Soul

Bits of poetry found in a drawer or scattered like leaves on the Internet. “Previously published,” so why not share them here?

Movement: Body

It’s not that I don’t enjoy exercise, it’s just that I enjoy the couch, a good book, and air-conditioning even more. Who knew that weightlessness, cool water, and movement could burn so many calories, so pleasantly?

Little Prompts for People Who Think They Can’t Write a Poem

A poem or two, found in my back yard.

Real Kitchens Don’t Look Like the Pictures (#AtoZChallenge)

My brain started going, “Eww, eww, gross – eww!” and as it sloooowly dawned on me what the thing actually was, I flashed back on “things found in other people’s kitchens” that had caused the same reaction. Crumbs from the toaster, perhaps. A bit of thread mistaken for a hair. A bit of hair – my own – mistaken for the cook’s. 

Journeys (#AtoZChallenge)

As restrictions ease, bit by bit, dipping my toes back in the water.

Fun with Instagram! #30DaysShowVSTell (#AtoZChallenge)

I’m beginning to (grudgingly) see the distracting fun and popularity of Instagram.

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